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A Room in Town is running a workshop that will explore how to work with clients with addictions can be understood using a psychodynamic approach.

An emphasis will be on the… Continue Reading…

A Room in Town CPD Workshop on Addiction

A Room in Town is running a workshop that will explore how to work with clients with addictions can be understood using a psychodynamic approach.

An emphasis will be on the therapist’s understanding of the transference relationship and the particular importance this has in work with clients and addiction. There will be an overview of relevant theories i.e. attachment theory, object relations theory and others with a psychodynamic focus to better understand some of the driving forces that keep clients from being able to ‘let go’ of their addictions.

There will also be an opportunity to explore effective intervention for the work. The workshop will cover concepts such as repetition compulsion, sado-masochism, and destructive forces in the unconscious and how these can be therapeutically resolved.

Working with clients who have an addiction to alcohol or drugs is a complex task. The workshop will make use of both theory and practice and will encourage participants to draw on their own professional experience to investigate stumbling blocks and successes in their work with clients. It will be an opportunity to explore conscious and unconscious processes enacted in the consulting room with clients and seek effective therapeutic approaches to the work.

The one-day workshop will cover:

– The application of psychodynamic techniques to addictive disorders.

– An exploration of the particular importance of the transference relationship when dealing with addicts.

-An overview of analytic theories that can provide a useful underpinning for the work with clients with addiction problems.

By the use of clinical examples, try to identify common technical problems i.e. rescuer fantasy.

And address questions such as:

– What degree of success can you hope to achieve when working with active addiction problems?

– How effective is therapy in interrupting the cycle of addictive behaviours?

– Is it possible to halt the addictive cycle long enough to establish a therapeutic relationship not based on crisis counselling?

To what extent does the rescue fantasy of the therapist play a part in the transference relationship and why does this hinder the process?

There will also be an opportunity for participants to think about and explore concerns and difficulties they have experienced and continue to face working with this client group through the use of both the large group and smaller groups.

Tickets are available here

About the speaker:

Anna Santamouris

Anna Santamouris has been in full time private practice as a Psychodynamic Psychotherapist since 2006. In the early 1990’s, she began some training in counselling and specialist courses in adolescent delinquency and family work, spending 2 years working in a residential home for adolescents who were wards of the state. After travelling around Europe she settled in London and resumed her teaching in inner London schools. Building on her experience in the social care sector, she began working at a needle exchange project and a residential rehabilitation centre in Crystal Palace for addicts and alcoholics who had the HIV virus or Aids. She continued this trajectory at The 493 Project in Bethnal green, a drop in and needle exchange for the drug addicted and then onto the Westminster drug project. 

Anna did further training relevant to alcoholism and drug misuse, which continued during her time with this client group. She worked as an individual counsellor to clients and developed appropriate care plans to assist in clients’ progression from chaotic drug and alcohol use to either abstinence or controlled use. She then moved into social services where, for 3 years as a care manager, she worked with a team of social workers implementing care plans and commissioning treatments for the adult substance misuse team. Anna began training as a Psychodynamic Psychotherapist at the Westminster Pastoral Foundation while also working at a 12-step day programme for people with substance misuse problems, where she ran groups and educational workshops and had a client load for individual counselling. Leaving behind the focus on substance misuse she finished her training as a Psychodynamic Psychotherapist and since then has worked solely in private practice since 2006. Over the last 2 years she has run workshops at Enfield counselling centre and WPF therapy on Perversions and sex addiction and Working with Alcohol in psychotherapy, and Self harm and presented three talks for Confer on Addiction, Women and addiction, and Desire and the bad object.


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