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Relationship Counselling in changing times

While the need for love and the desire for healthy relationships with partners is constant, recent Office of National Statistics research found that UK divorce rates are on the rise, in 2016 they increased by 5.8 per cent compared to 2015.

One significant finding was the number of divorces within the over-50s age group; the increase in divorce rate was twice that of the under-50s.

Though the fundamental reasons for much marital breakdown remain largely unchanged there are some issues being addressed that present particular difficulties. Our ageing population means that the complications of readjustment driven by retirement are seen more frequently in therapy. As our understanding of Asperger Syndrome develops and increased numbers are diagnosed across the spectrum, what is important to consider when working with couples struggling with this in practice?

Other issues might benefit from a new perspective such as the destructive ways shame and humiliation can manifest, the trauma of infidelity or the challenges faced throughout the process of adoption.

There are many CPD courses that deal with relationship and couples therapy such as those run by Tavistock Relationships. They have courses and events that explore a range of therapeutic issues both specific and general and provide valuable forums for debate and learning opportunities for all therapists.

If you’re considering becoming a couples therapist they have their accredited Summer School this July as well as free taster sessions.

 For more information about these or any others click here.

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