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Find & Book A Private Therapist In London

What do A Room in Town offer?


Our London rooms are located close to local landmarks including The Shard and St Thomas’ Hospital.

Quality Facilities and Affordability 

These rooms are all up to date in their decor, and come complete with all the necessary facilities — including free Wi-Fi.


We won’t ask you to sign any long-term contract with us. Meanwhile, the facilities we provide will come with after-hours and weekend availability.


A secure and safe environment is provided for your therapy sessions. A comfortable waiting room also comes as standard.

About counselling rooms & therapists 

There are various scenarios that can bring about mental turmoil. For example, you could be struggling to handle a major life transition, seeing tension within your family, going through relationship difficulties, or battling an addiction to alcohol or drugs.

In situations like these, therapy can help you to recover — and start an exciting new stage of your life, free of its former demons. If you live in or near London, you can approach A Room In Town to book a session with a therapist in London and arrange to meet up with them in one of the well-furnished and relaxing counselling rooms we are responsible for in the UK capital.

Why our rooms are good for counselling

Easy to reach 

Even if you don’t drive, you can easily make your way to any of our counselling rooms in the UK capital by public transport and foot.

We can put you at ease

Whatever your reasons for seeking therapy, and however inexperienced you are with receiving therapy, you will be treated in a compassionate, non-judgemental way.

A smooth and slick service

The fact that, with our help, you can online-book a counselling session even when the therapist is in session makes for an all-round convenient experience.


Don’t worry if you are pressed for time — as, from the booking stage right through to the therapy session itself, we can help you squeeze therapy into your busy schedule.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can. That’s because, before you book your therapy session online, you will see a list of professional profiles representing different therapists you are able to book with. Each profile will detail the therapist’s background, credentials, and area(s) of speciality.

Keep in mind that all the therapists who work through us are required to first pass a series of quality-control checks. Hence, all of these therapists have been pre-vetted and authorised.

In this case, you can simply get in touch with the therapist directly — using contact details provided in the profile — to get answers to these questions. The therapist might also have their own website that addresses concerns you have, as a website is a good place to list technical details — for example, about the professional’s qualifications.

No, you wouldn’t. The way the booking process works is that, as a client, you get in touch with the therapist and book a session with them. It would be the therapist’s responsibility to book a room maintained by A Room In Town — and the therapist will let you know how to reach this room.

Each counselling room we own has been designed and furnished in such a way that people who visit it can quickly feel relaxed upon walking in. We have worked hard to achieve a peaceful and tranquil ambience in each of these spaces.

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