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We want to make it easy for practicing psychologists to rent the perfect space to run your practice in London.

Therapists can train in many different disciplines, from counselling to specialist areas of mental health. Some also choose to educate themselves as psychologists, undertaking a course in either clinical psychology or counselling psychological depending on their preferences.

Who do Psychologists operate?

Accredited individuals will usually belong to a professional institution, while their primary aim is to enhance their clients’ psychological well-being. As clients present their issues, psychologists will evaluate the feelings, emotions and behaviours that manifest themselves during communication. They will then determine the triggers for their clients’ issues, before detailing a viable course of treatment that can help to resolve these.

The nature of the assessment will combine theory with interpersonal skills, with the deployment of the latter varying depending on the individual psychologist. Treatment will also be set according to the progress that the client displays in each session, as this ensures that their opportunity for self-growth is optimised at any given time.

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