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Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Neuro-linguistic programming, or NLP, is a communication and therapy approach that uses language to subconsciously alter (or “program”) behaviour. The NLP model often involves the analysis of language used by people and how this language contributes to success.

The NLP process involves several different aspects of language and behaviour:

  • Neurology. NLP involves analysing the connection between neurological processes and language.
  • Language. Language can be used to influence neurological processes and behaviour.
  • Behaviour. NLP techniques can be used to model behaviours and treat certain issues.


As a whole, NLP looks at how neurology, language and behaviour interact and the effects that this interaction can have on subconscious and conscious behaviour. NLP can be used to create change in behaviour, replacing negative behaviours and habits with newer, positive behaviours.

Many individuals use NLP techniques and NLP practitioners in order to reverse or eliminate bad habits, improve negative thought patterns and acquire behaviour patterns and attitudes that can facilitate success.

In NLP therapy, an NLP practitioner will look at a variety of factors, including:

  • The client’s use of language and how it affects behavior
  • The client’s social skills, understanding of human relationships and efforts to build rapport with others
  • The physical and emotional states that are ideal for achieving the client’s goals

Benefits of NLP

Many people report that NLP therapy and training has transformative benefits, allowing them to eliminate negative thought patterns and habits. NLP-based coaching and therapy can be used to solve problems and issues, or for self-improvement to improve habits and performance.

NLP is used by a diverse range of people for a variety of purposes. These include self-discovery and analysis, overcoming personal or professional hurdles, gaining control of negative emotions and thought patterns, feeling more motivated and improving personal confidence.

As with all forms of counselling and therapy, NLP therapy and training takes place over several sessions with a focus on long-term results and improvement.

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