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Life coaching is a practice that helps clients gain confidence and clarity in order to overcome challenges they may perceive or encounter in their lives. Life coaches aim to empower clients to identify, achieve and exceed personal or professional goals.

Life coaching draws on core psychological principles and techniques, yet it differs from counselling, therapy, mentoring or consulting. Life coaches do not tell clients what to do – they aim to help clients find solutions themselves, enabling them to face difficult situations and push past emotional obstacles. Life coaching is about objectivity and empowerment, not instruction.


Lifestyle coaching

Lifestyle coaching centres around the idea that clients must be empowered to help themselves. Lifestyle coaches do not offer judgement, opinions or advice – this would undermine some of the central principles of the practice, which include:

  • Subjectivity. Everyone’s perspective of the world is different. Whilst no single perspective is right or wrong, some perspectives can be damaging or restrictive, and can prevent a person from achieving their goals.
  • Empowerment. Everyone has the ability to alter their own perspective. Lifestyle coaching helps clients tap into this ability and open their minds.
  • Guidance. A guide is different from an instructor. An instructor explains exactly what to do and how to do it, whilst a guide provides a person with the tools and support they need to do things for themselves. Lifestyle coaching focuses on guidance, not instruction.

Lifestyle coaches can help clients in any area of life they’re struggling in. They’ll approach sessions pragmatically, using questions and exercises to ascertain how clients view the world. They’ll then be able to identify appropriate goals, and effective methods of reaching those goals.

Personal development coaching

Personal development coaching focuses wholly on the self. It aims to analyse and evaluate clients’ strengths and weaknesses in order to improve a particular aspect of life. Personal development coaches help clients feel confident, happy and at ease in their lives, and develop the skills they need to achieve their aims.

Personal development coaching can cover a range of issues, including confidence building, communication skills, motivation, public speaking, money management or any other area the client believes would promote personal growth.

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