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What is CBT?

Throughout our lives, we will experience ups, downs and a number of emotional challenges. The way in which we deal with these is important, as they can have a negative impact on our behaviour, relationships and performance at work. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) is a treatment that can help us in this respect. It combines cognitive therapy and behaviour therapy, with a view to challenging and changing the way in which you think about the problems in your life. CBT also helps you to understand how your outlook and thought processes influence the way in which you behave, before enabling you to redress a negative mind-set and cultivate positive habits.

The Different Types of CBT

 While the effectiveness of CBT is proven, there are different types of treatments and techniques available. While all CBT cycles take between six weeks and six months to complete on average, your therapist will strive to understand your problems first before determining a precise course of action. While the treatment may focus on issues that are currently going on in your life, for example, it may also explore your past and how previous experiences have altered your mind-set.

This all depends on the initial discussions with your therapist, but the key focus will always be on the meaning and cause of your angst rather than the way in which it manifests itself.

CBT rooms to rent London

CBT self help will identify the reason for these negative thought processes and mental blocks, while also encouraging you to challenge your perception and learn new coping mechanisms for the future. Without this, you will continue to think and behave in a way that impacts negatively on your lifestyle and never have the chance to uncover why this is so wrong.

With this in mind, why not embrace CBT, understand the inner-mechanisms of your mind and step outside of your sub-conscious thoughts for a brighter and more productive future?

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